• 10 December 2023



In the bustling world of aviation catering, maintaining impeccable food safety standards is not just a priority but a necessity. At Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) in Dubai, the role of a Food Safety Assistant is paramount in upholding the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this crucial position and understand how it contributes to the seamless operation of EKFC’s 24×7 catering services.

Job Purpose:

Recording PrecisionLaboratory SupportWater and Equipment Safety
– Monitor and record temperatures of raw, cooked, and portioned food.– Assist in the preparation of laboratory culture media.– Record the dishwash machine temperature and level of disinfection of potable water.
– Inform senior department members promptly of any temperature discrepancies.– Ensure proper cleaning and sterilization of glassware used for laboratory analysis.– Monitor the temperature of hot water in the dishwashing machine to ensure proper equipment disinfection.

Organization Chart: Refer to the Organization Chart Folder for a visual representation of the hierarchical structure within EKFC for the current year.

Job Context: In a 24×7 catering operation, the Food Safety Assistant plays a critical role in maintaining food safety throughout EKFC’s premises and supply chain. Adherence to pre-established Hygiene & Safety Standards, Local Government Regulations, and Airline Customers’ requirements is paramount.

Principal Accountabilities:

Raw Food SafetyMonitor defrosting product temperatures to ensure the safety of raw food.
Incoming Raw MaterialEnsure the received raw material’s temperature aligns with defined standards.
Temperature MonitoringRecord food temperatures during portioning, tray setting, dispatching, and aircraft loading.
Cooked Food SafetyMonitor cooking and blast chilling times and temperatures for various meal classes.
Water Chlorine LevelsDaily monitoring of chlorine levels in water to ensure safe levels.
Staff Grooming StandardsInspect staff appearance and report deviations to the Food Safety Officer.

Skills and Experience:

O or A level, preferably with a background in science.Excellent communication skills, fluency in English, effective teamwork, and organizational abilities.Minimum 3 years in a similar position in a food production company.

Competencies: Refer to the Competency Directory for a detailed list of required competencies.

How to Apply :

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Additional Information/Job Challenges: Tools and Equipment: Probe thermometer, colorimeter.

Conclusion: In the heart of Dubai, amidst the whirlwind of aviation services, the Food Safety Assistant at Emirates Flight Catering stands as a guardian of hygiene and safety. With a commitment to excellence, adherence to standards, and a keen eye for detail, this role ensures that every meal served reflects the highest levels of quality and safety. At EKFC, the sky’s the limit, but safety is non-negotiable.

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